Monday, July 22, 2013

// word of the day...

Every night during team-time we share a "word"  that summarizes our experience that day.
We will blog these words each night!

Tim Lush "humbling"
Hannah Bottiger "overwhelming"
Kenzie Korsi "hectic"
Katy Kalleberg "joy"
Mason Hallada "poverty"
Morgan Abbott "whirlwind"
Lizzie McMillen "crazy"
Emily Eichelberger "beauty"
Melissa Tripps "thankful"
Maddy Turner "peaceful"
Justin Lansdowne "learner"
Emily Johnson "finally"
Abby Stigsell "trust"
Gabrielle Tripps "excited"
Becca Schoen "Awe"
Anet Jackson "anticipation"

Tomorrow, some of us are going to do water therapy with some of the orphans who have lived their lives in wheelchairs, some of them have not been able to move. The others are going to the home of sick and dying childen. After that, all of us are going to Isaiah's orphanage to host activities and play with the kids. 

This is Mason - and when I got here I was stunned about how much poverty  there was after getting to the guest house. I was goin around the side of the house and I saw a tent city, I felt bad for all of them because they don't have power but we do. I was talking to Tim about how if we bring one of the Haitian people back to the US and then bring them back here and show them what the other part of the world is like and how spoiled first world countries are. 

These are some things to think about...

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  1. Words from home: relief...gratitude...amazed...humbled...proud. Do good work...we love you more!