Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday reflections on Sunday morning

Sorry we didn't have a blog post yesterday. I (Drew) totally forgot. Yesterday we did a half day of water truck delivery (2 stops) in Cite Soleil. The guys and Stacy spent some time maximizing our water distribution process after watching the Haitian guys who drive the water truck. It was fun to see how much better we've gotten as a team on delivering water after 5 deliveries over 2 days. While some of us were distributing water the rest of us held and played with kids. We danced and sang, played simple games and tried to communicate as best we could with each other.

After the water truck we had lunch at the guest house then we visited an orphanage called Isaiah's near Grace Village (Healing Haiti's orphanage). The kids sang to us, then we sang to them. They asked us if we knew Chris Tomlin's song "Our God" and so we sang it to them. After we finished they started singing it to us in English. Then we did the limbo, kicked the soccer ball, colored and played with them. Some of us went up to Grace Village to pick up some Feed My Starving Children food. It was fun to be on the other end of the Feed My Starving Children food since many of us have packed it back in Minnesota. After we loaded up the food we delivered it to a school/church and to the first orphanage we visited called Juno's.

Our team loved being able to go back to Juno's and visit the kids we made such a cool connection with earlier in the week. It was a great last day of ministry in Haiti. Today we are off to church at Grace Village in 15 minutes and then after lunch we are going shopping at a few stops along the way up a mountain right outside Port au a Prince that has a cool view of the city that we have spent the last week as temporary residents.

We are praying for your Sunday worship gatherings today and thinking about our friends and family. All of us are dreading leaving and excited to go home at the same time.

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