Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Water Truck Wednesday

We had a very full day today. We delivered water in City Soleil at 3 different stops. Students ran the hose that dispenses free water to the people in Haiti who need free water the most. It is a tough job where we need to work hard and fast and communicate God's love and directions to people who don't speak our language. The team did a great job!
After the water truck we picked up a group of boys who live near our Guest house and played soccer with them. We lost 6-2. They are good at soccer and full of energy while only a few of us play soccer and all of us were drained by the long day and. Hot sun.
We had pizza and French fries for dinner.
One of the highlights of the trip so far has been the friendships that are forming and the connection all 11 students have made with each other - it is a really fun atmosphere to be a part of. As a group they are so adaptable, caring and thoughtful.

Here are some individual memories:

Today we were blessed to give water to the people of Cite Soleil. It was good to see the logistical side by filling buckets, but it was also important to love the kids and talk to the people. This trip is made so much easier by the kids who love to be with us.
Chris Olson

After our soccer game with the kids in the neighborhood, we all rode together in the tap tap. I sat next to a little boy who was tired and put his head on my shoulder and it reminded me that even though I was hot and sweaty and dehydrated, being present in the moment was the most important thing.
Ariana van Dyck

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