Thursday, July 25, 2013

// day iv

hey everyone! hope you're enjoying Minnesota. Haiti is my new love and I'm having the most incredible time. today was a very emotional day. we went to visit the elderly and they are so happy and so joyful but their living situations are awful. we met one woman, Marie, who was 103 years old and so joyful. right when we got there she made sure to give us all hugs and a beautiful smile! she told us stories of how she loved to dance and on sundays at church thats what she did. she had such a lively spirit and a giving heart! i could have spent all day with her!! After we were done visiting with the elderly, we went to the mass graves up on the hills and it was hard for many people. A couple of us hiked up to the top where the crosses were. We could see all of the beautiful creation God has made including the ocean!! (my favorite) I am so excited to experience the rest of our trip and see what God has in store for us. I love you all (:  -Hannah! 

Wow. I am in love with this place! There's no way I can describe my day today without going on for about 10 pages. So I'll cut short and just say that it was incredible. We spent most of the day visiting different elderly people who live close to Grace Village in Titanyen. I loved being able to see the joy that was brought to them simply by rubbing lotion on their feet and hands or by singing them songs. One of my favorite parts of today was actually tonight when we had worship. It was so much fun just to jam out with the team in the rain up on the balcony of the guesthouse. Definitely the best worship experience I have ever had.
Also I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, Emmers! I think I'm a day late but I'm slighty disorientated and kind of lost the ability to keep track of what day it is. haha but I LOVE YOU and hope you had an AMAZING day yesterday :) -Liz

Visiting with the children at Grace Village and then going to see the elderly in their homes was absolutely fantastic! I loved getting to know the kids. Going out of my comfort zone a little bit to rub Meme's feet was great! I loved every second of today. Loving on these people fills me with joy. I met a girl named Julie who sat by me, held my hand, and kissed my cheek a few times. When we were taking her back to Grace Village, she whispered in my ear "I love you, I love you so much". That brought a huge smile to my face and then she kissed me again. Then we hugged each other and when she was walking away, she kept turning around and waving at me. This was one of the saddest, yet most amazing moments of this trip so far. I have loved every thing that I have experienced so far and I can't wait to see what God will be doing in the days to come! God bless!!
-Abigail Stigsell 

tomorrow we go back to the home for children that are sick & dying, and to gertrude's special needs
orphanage...  later in the day, we will visit a hospital...


  1. We love reading your stories, hearing how you are all growing through your experiences and what great joy you bring just by being there and being you. I am seeing and feeling things differently here (back home), finding joy in simple things and slowing to embrace life more because of the experiences and words you are sharing with us. Thank you. Keep doing good work. Still love you more Migli and eagerly await more shared words of new found wisdom, friendship and delight.

  2. hannah, i KNEW haiti would be your new love!!!!! daddy and i kinda miss you. bunches. we are so thankful that you get to experience such blessings in one of MY favorite spots, too!

    God's blessings to the whole team! i wish i could be there with you, but am so glad to be able to check in and see the love of Jesus from home!! can't wait to hear about each one of your experiences in more detail soon!