Tuesday, July 23, 2013

// day ii

// word of the day

Tim Lush "humbling"..."joy"

Hannah Bottiger "overwhelming"..."love"

Kenzie Korsi "hectic"..."prayer"

Katy Kalleberg "joy"..."thankful"

Mason Hallada "poverty"..."tiring"

Morgan Abbott "whirlwind"..."melancholy"

Lizzie McMillen "crazy"..."challenging"

Emily Eichelberger "beauty"..."overwhelming"

Melissa Tripps "thankful"..."emotional"

Maddy Turner "peaceful"..."hard"

Justin Lansdowne "learner"..."harmony"

Emily Johnson "finally"..."happiness"

Abby Stigsell "trust"..."blessed"

Gabrielle Tripps "excited"..."touch"

Becca Schoen "Awe"..."present"

Anet Jackson "anticipation"..."cared for"

Today we were able to go to the Home for the Sick and dying. It was such an emotional day. It was so hard to be able to touch every child. I was holding two little toddlers and then had one tugging at my leg crying. It broke my heart to not be able to hold all the kids crying out. We also had a worship time tonight where one of the workers; Fan Fan. joined us. He prayed for us and that we would be blessed in every aspect of our lives. I was so blown away that a guy who came from having nothing was praying to God that we would be blessed even more then we already are. It was truly amazing. This will always be a day that I will remember forever.
-Emily Eichelberger

This  morning I went to the Home for the sick and dying children. Being here was one of the hardest yet most amazing things I have ever experienced. I picked up a little girl and in a matter of seconds another child was tapping on my side wanting me to hold him. After I put the girl down, I picked up the little boy. He put his arms out to me and when I picked him up, he wrapped his arms around me and put his head on my shoulder. I couldn't help but cry because all he wanted was to be held and loved. I take so much for granted, even as much as someone giving me a hug. These kids are filled with joy even when someone touches their hand. Having this experience makes me realize how blessed I am.
-Abigail Stigsell

For the first part of the day I went to the Home for sick and dying children. We got there and received no direction. We walked into the rooms housing the children with no expectations or idea of what was about to hit us. After spending our morning holding, changing, and feeding the children Justin came over to let me know, while I was holding two babies and standing at one's crib holding her hand, that it was about time to leave. Hearing that we had to leave broke my heart.  I was full of so much joy and peace giving my love and attention to the children I really never waned to leave. All the children craved was our love and attention, and that is all I wanted to do. For the second part of the day we went and spent time at an orphanage. Seeing the happiness and glee that the kids had while hanging out with us put a huge smile on my face. Today was challenging but the way that it has affected me will change me for the rest of my life. Junebugs. -Morgan Abbott

Today was both the best and most challenging day of my life. Being at the Home for Sick and Dying children was undoubtedly the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. However, our visit there was very eye-opening for me and I will never forget my experience there. It was so hard to see all of these babies so desperate for love and attention, and hearing them sobbing as soon as you put them down to go pick up another crying child. At one point I had two kids on my lap, one on my back, and was holding the hand of another baby at the same time. I feel so privileged and blessed to be here and I cannot wait to see how God works through the rest of our trip. -Lizzie McMillen

I have only been in this beautiful place for two days and I already know that this is just the beginning of a long journey of missions for me. This morning I went to the Home for Sick and Dying and it was heart  wrenching and so joyful all at the same time. The moment i stepped into the hospital I had this over whelming feeling of emotion and almost broke down but the first kid i saw was just smiling at me and held his arms out to me and It was okay because this beautiful child was so happy to see me. At one point I had two kids in my arms and a little girl in the crib next to me was holding my finger and i had a little boy pulling on my skirt crying because I couldn't pick him up and i couldn't help but cry because i wasn't able to hold all of these kids who desperately needed affection and love. Another time in the hospital i held a baby girl for about 20 minutes who had no emotion on her face, and i did everything i could to get her to laugh and i was only able to crack a smile out of her for about five seconds. Moments after i put her back in her crib, her mother walked in with a huge smile on her face and she picked up her baby girl and the girl got the biggest smile on her face and the mother smothered her with kisses and it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. This place is just filled with God and i can feel him everywhere i go. I have always wanted to do missions at a place like this and God is just telling me that this is his plan for me. I am so blessed. -katy kalleberg

tomorrow we head to citi solei, one of the poorest areas in Port Au Prince, to hang out with kids in the community and travel with a water-truck, loaded with thousands of gallons of water...


  1. We love to hear your thoughts of your experiences. Today the anticipation to read your words was making me anxious. Last night, I pulled up google maps of your neighborhood. It was fun seeing pictures of your roof top and street and other surroundings too. Amazing images. It calmed and motivated me to see what you are seeing while you are there. I'm so proud of you all! Changing the world with one act of kindness at a time. Extremely impressive!! Willi-OGA

  2. Thank you for sharing....such beautiful experiences. Sending you strength, peace and extra love to share.