Friday, July 19, 2013


This morning the team was split in two. Some of us went to Gertrude's orphanage for kids with disabilities. The rest went to the home for sick and dying children. In both spots our main focus was simply loving the kids and being present with them - holding them, feeding them, playing with them and changing them. After lunch our team came back together and we went to the general hospital. We visited with Mom's waiting to get their kids into the doctor and with families who didn't have money for medicines and were trying to figure out what to do next. We listened to their stories and prayed with them.

Here are some specific reflections from each location:


At Gertrude's we were able to hold kids and play in the playground with them. My favorite part is while sitting next to Stacy and we sang worship songs to the kids in our arms.
Chris Olson

The Home for Sick and Dying Children:

It was heartbreaking to walk into the room full of crying babies with no parents to comfort them. I held a couple different babies and was overcome with how much they need love and physical touch. I just wanted to hold all of them.
Ariana van Dyck

Today I'm pretty sure I changed the first diaper of my life. Cole Thayer

When I tried to set the little girl that I was holding down, she just started crying and crying. She had tears running down her face. It broke my heart knowing that she probably doesn't have a mother or father to comfort her, and that she is constantly being let down because people keep leaving her, and not coming back seeing as they aren't her parents and just volunteers.
Kenzie Sapletal

The General Hospital:

Seeing the genral hospital today was shocking, I got sick to my stomach and had to leave after the first room. Because I'm not good with death I wasn't able to handle seeing death in process, so I just sat on the truck and watched the people of Haiti do their thing. It was incredible to see how different this place is from the United States.
Danny Nyquist

Today was my first time going to the general hospital, and it was very eye opening. As I held one child I realized that I wanted to do more specifically for that hospital. It was so sad seeing all those children in so much pain. It made me realize how privileged I really am.
Kenzi Hunn

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