Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday evening reflection

Here are some reflections on our Grace Village tour and our elderly care stops today:

While at Grace Village, I was carrying around a little boy. He was about 6. Occasionally he would look at me and then kiss my cheek, and tell me he loved me. He was the sweetest. Then, while on the bus, a little girl came up to me and told me that she loved me and that Jesus loved me and that we were sisters. Both of these kids were amazing.
-Kenzie Sapletal

I loved visiting the elderly today even though I wasn't sure how I'd feel about massaging their feet. Once I did it, to an elder named Marie, I was so glad I did. It felt good to serve someone who had lived through so much.
Ariana van Dyck

It was great to serve the elderly today. It was an amazing experience to sing with them, pray for them, and give them a foot massage. While at the mass grave there was an overwhelming feeling of care for the people and love for those who were lost.
Chris Olson

It was so cool to visit Grace Village and see the amazing things that Healing Haiti is doing! What amazing ministry!!! I also loved visiting with the elderly and being able to love on them.
Stacy Johnson

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