Friday, January 16, 2015

Ministry Days

We have had 4 great days of ministry in Haiti!  

Tuesday we visited a home for sick and dying children, an orphanage specializing in caring for children with physical and mental disabilities and another orphanage where the boys are very good at push ups (although no one beat our very own Peter Hasselquist).

Wednesday we brought water to 3 different neighborhoods in Citi Solei and spent the entire day loving children & adults as well as getting incredibly sore arms from lifting buckets and children!

Thursday we brought hot meals to 4 of the elders in Healing Haiti's elder care program.  It was a humbling and honoring experience for all of us.  It was very hot as well with temperatures reaching into the 100's at the height of the day.  We were able to hear the personal stories of our Haitian translators as they recounted what they were doing when the earthquake of January 2010 hit Haiti.  

Today we visited the him a home for sick and dying adults.  The nuns that run this amazing and incredibly peaceful place are living angels.  Some of us weren't so sure how we would feel about rubbing lotion on complete strangers, only to come to the realization that there were no strangers there.  They all are our brothers and sisters and the experience was unforgettable.  Especially for Rob, who had a sharp, dirty bone pierce through his croc to leave a huge gash in the bottom of his foot.  What a "God thing" that we have two nurses on our team and they knew just what to do!

We are celebrating the privilege of worshipping, praying, laughing and Resting in Him as we love and serve the people of Haiti!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 4 Word of the Day

  1. Chrissie // Honor
  2. Angie // Grandpa
  3. Brenda //Whithslene
  4. Peter // Moved
  5. Emily // Accomplished
  6. Lea // Receive
  7. MaryJo // Survivors
  8. Susan // Intense
  9. Rick // Encouraged
  10. Mary // Privileged
  11. Joe // Questions
  12. Bryan // Translators
  13. Annette // OhMy
  14. Rob // 
  15. Kerry // Hope
  16. Grace // Meme

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 3 Word of the Day

  1. Chrissie // Buckets
  2. Grace // "Hey You"
  3. Susan // Ganelle
  4. MaryJo // Question
  5. Rob // Utter-chaos
  6. Emily // Hope
  7. Angie // Grateful
  8. Kerry // Garbage
  9. Rick // Trash
  10. Lea // Abundant
  11. Peter // Comfortable
  12. Brenda // Joyous
  13. Joe // Underware
  14. Mary // Restoring
  15. Anet // Tylenol
  16. Bryan // Be

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Haiti Sunrise

Hello Woodridge family Angie here from Haiti :)  Today we were so blessed to send half of our group to Gertrude's Orphanage and the other half to Home for sick and dying babies. Our experiences, although miles apart geographically, both held the commonality of thinking we could help bring smiles to their faces when in fact we all were the ones whose lives are forever touched.

Loving worship in the name of Jesus came today in the form of things like, a pick up soccer game, color crayon pictures on the sidewalk, a group of little girls getting their finger nails polished possibly for the first time ever, and rubbing lotion on the skin of disabled children.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

As Day 2 comes to a close we are all very grateful knowing we are being lifted up in prayer by everyone back home. We take rest in knowing the Lords hand protects us each night….. as does our guard dog Bacon. :)


Emily // Joy
Bryan // Growth
Kerry // Transition
Angie // Smile
Rick // Surprised
Mary // Arms
Mary Jo // Rejection
Annette // Discover
Grace // Tested
Rob // Held
Peter // Thankful
Susan // Happy
Chrissie // Reunited
Joe // Diapers
Brenda // Still
Lea // Simple


After a bumpy entry into Port-Au-Prince the team has arrived in Haiti! Each night we gather to reflect on our day and spend time in worship and prayer. As a part of our reflection time we share our "Word of the Day". Here are our Words from our 1st day.

DAY 1 
MaryJo // Blessed
Angie // Senses
Rob // Still
Mary // Familiar
Bryan // Friends
Brenda // Relieved
Peter // Anticipation
Susan // Peace
Lea // Hello
Grace // Appalled 
Kerry // View
Emily // Home
Joe // Cosmopolitan 
Rick // Comfortable
Chrissie // Excited
Annette // Reminded

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Woodridge Church Haiti Trip Flight Itinerary

American Airlines 1287 Jan 12

American Airlines 1665 Jan 12

American Airlines 1665 Jan 19

American Airlines 1689 Jan 19

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Be praying for our team as we get ready to leave early (4AM) Monday morning!