Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday morning stories

Breakfast, as usual, was amazing in Haiti this morning. We split our team in two this morning. Drew, Stacy, Chris, Adi, Meghan, Makenzi and Jaison went to the home for sick and dying children. Lea, Austin, Lizzy, Ariana, Hannah, Kenzie, Danny and Cole went to a pool and did water therapy for disabled children from an orphanage called Gertrude's.

Here are some highlights and stories:

At the Home for sick and dying we were able to hold some kids and feed them. It was reassuring  that some mothers of the children were there and that they love their kids.
Chris Olson

Being in the Home for Sick and Dying Kids was heart-breaking, but fulfilling being able to help kids who really just need some love and attention. I loved being able to make that difference.
Addie Taylor

The Home for Sick and Dying was really sad, but at the same time, a great experience. I couldn't help but to cry for the first couple minutes as it was heartbreaking to see such delicate, beautiful children that are so sick. I loved holding the babies; you put your arms in their crib and they reach up to you and just cling to you. I held a shy, mellow little girl named Kermie for a really long time. I'd definitely love to go back.
Meghan Swanson

I went to a pool to do water therapy with kids from Gertrude's. They were all so happy for to be in the water and we did exercises with them. I had a girl named Christine, who worked on strengthening her legs by kicking in the water. She smiled and held onto me. I could've spent the whole day holding her and showing her love.
Ariana van Dyck

At the water therapy with the Gertrude's children, I had the opportunity to swim with an adorable child named Maxim. He recently had surgery on his eyes, and is just learning how to see. It was so rewarding to be to bring some excitement into his life. -Hannah Seitz

Also at water therapy, the first kid I picked up peed on me, it was awesome. I then splashed around with her and played with her the whole time and helped her socialize because she didn't need any therapy because she was able to walk, although she did have Down Syndrome.
-Danny Nyquist

I played with Maxium during water therapy as well. All he wanted to do was hug me and it was so sweet. He kept giving me kisses on my hands or cheeks and it was amazing. I also had the opportunity to help with Christine, and she held my neck super close to her, and she thought it was so funny, and it was so cute and sweet.
-Kenzie Sapletal

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